Dear Race Director,

Finding someone to time your race can be a large expense and a burden on your event. I would like to take this opportunity to offer our timing services.

Affordable Race Timing uses an advanced RFID chip timing system that reliably achieves 100% read rates and offers many features not available with other systems on the market. Our custom made system is actually four timing systems in one – two RFID systems and two manual systems – and a video capture and automatic photo capture system on top of that. We guarantee results! We use custom made, all-weather, and reusable RFID tags that are a less expensive and a greener solution to disposable tags. While we’d like to get 100% of the tags returned, we do not charge you or the participant for any lost or damaged tags. We also allow the participants to return the tags at their convenience before leaving the venue – nobody likes getting stopped at the finish line so a volunteer can remove their tags.

Besides timing the race, we can also provide many additional services:

  • A socially distanced start line.
  • Hand sanitizer stations.
  • Temperature check station.
  • The ability to have separate start/finish lines and split timing points on course.
  • Provide bibs/safety pins.
  • Supply a PA system for entertainment and announcements.
  • Finish line photos.
    ⦁ One Canon DSLR camera is automatically triggered by the RFID tags “chips” as each finisher crosses the line. Another Canon DSLR camera is triggered manually by the back-up system operator to ensure everyone a finish line photo.
    ⦁ We upload and provide you and the participants a link to the free downloadable photos.
  • Finish line video
    ⦁ The video is uploaded to YouTube and linked to the results page. As soon as the video is uploaded participants will see a “video” link next to their performance. Clicking on the link will allow them to watch their finish instantly.
  • Event Website
    ⦁ We provide a link where participants can view the results and print a “Finishers Certificate” off a results page. This website can also handle your online registration if you need it to.
    ⦁ Participants will receive an email after the race with a link to the results, photos, videos, and the email also includes their individual race performance (overall time, overall place, pace per mile, age division rank, speed, etc.) We can also send out any pre-race or post-race announcements you would like to make.
  • Instant Results
    ⦁ Finishers will see their name & time on a large flat screen TV as they cross the finish line.
    ⦁ We can print results at any time during the race by pressing a single button.
    ⦁ Optional Results Kiosk that allows the participants to print off the stats of their individual performance (time, pace per mile, speed, overall rank, age division rank, etc.) on a label that they can stick on their bib or in their training log.

Service Cost:

For a traditional 5K or 10K, if you have less than 200 registered participants then the cost is a flat fee of $350. At 200 and over the rate goes to $2 per registrant. For multi-events, or events longer than 10K we add a $250 non-traditional fee due to the increased time required. If the race is over 50 miles from our location(61554) there is an additional travel cost ($1/mile one way). If the race venue can not provide access to a power source, we add a $25 generator fee. Depending upon the race location and starting time, overnight lodging may need to be provided (often a local hotel will comp a room as a donation to your event). We can also offer a bib check station, split times, an announcer system to show names of finishers before they reach the finish, and many other services. Our cost is usually less than half of other chip timing providers – however this doesn’t mean the service you receive is lacking in any way. We simply want to be the best value chip timing provider on the market.

This business is run by passionate runners and race directors that are well aware of the outrageous fees charged by other professional timing companies. We know that most races are small to medium sized events held for the benefit of worthy charities, so we created this company as an attempt to help reign in the cost of professional chip timing.

If we can assist you in your race timing needs, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your time….

Affordable Race Timing
Frank Hardy
[email protected]

We strive to provide the most accurate, reliable chip timing available so you can provide the best possible experience to your participants, sponsors, and supporters, without eroding your bottom line.